Leverage Intricately’s Technographic Data Insights To Quickly Grow Cloud Revenue

Intricately's cloud product adoption, technographic data, and spend data platform accelerates revenue for AWS, Snowflake, Equinix, Cloudflare and other leading cloud companies.
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Drive Pipeline with a Customized Go-to-Market Program

Intricately’s team of experts and data architects will help you construct a world-class strategy based on technographic data.
Build your TAM and ICP using technographic data sources
Segment prospects based on cloud platforms used, usage, and spend
Understand and operationalize cloud footprint data
Score and tier accounts (and build your target account list)

The Intricately Assistant

The Intricately Assistant is a Google Chrome extension that allows go-to-market teams to see their prospects’ technographic data in real-time.

The Assistant stays with you throughout your browsing experience, automatically surfacing the relevant company’s cloud data based on the Salesforce record, LinkedIn profile, or website you’re currently viewing.
Customized views ensure marketing and sales work together towards a common goal
Expanded views share unique insights relevant to target B2B accounts
Tooltips guide users through why each data point matters and how best leverage that data into sales and marketing communications

Integrations and Security

Intricately Enterprise offers integrations that place actionable cloud data right within your workflow, partnering seamlessly with the applications you already use every day.
Leverage our Salesforce Connector integration to automatically embed Intricately data insights to your leads and accounts
We partner with Snowflake to provide bulk access to our data in a queryable data warehouse format
We can work with your Identity Provider to support OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On
Users can also retrieve company or domain mapping via API

Data Prospecting Features

Intricately features enhance your prospecting efforts with technographic data including cloud product adoption, usage, and spend.
Smart Lists
Build your target account list based on key insights into prospects’ tech stack, like competitor usage or renewal dates
Enrich Imported Lists
Enhance your dataset by prioritizing leads or accounts based on the technology currently deployed
Company Reports
Provide visibility into any organization’s cloud footprint and tech stack. Users can investigate spending by product (or category), traffic distribution, and domains and more
Accelerate your go-to-market strategy with cloud adoption, usage, and spend data you can't find anywhere else.