Grow Revenue Faster With Intricately Enterprise Solutions

Intricately's enterprise sales intelligence platform accelerates revenue for AWS, Snowflake, Equinix, Cloudflare and other leading cloud companies.

Leverage cloud usage data to win more enterprise deals

Intricately’s cloud product adoption, usage, and spend insights help cloud marketing and sales teams identify and prioritize their best opportunities—and win more deals.
Build a Strategic Foundation
Build a data-driven total addressable market (TAM) and ideal customer profile (ICP)
Go-to-Market Execution Tools
Map territories and curate the ultimate target account list, account scoring, and prioritization
Improve Sales Forecasting
Forecast revenue more accurately based on spend potential and readiness to buy

Build a world-class enterprise go-to-market program

Through our customized go-to-market program Intricately experts and data architects will help your team build the foundation of all account-based strategies deployed by your sales and marketing teams.
Our team will help you
Understand and operationalize cloud footprint data
Build your TAM, ICP, and go-to-market sales strategies
Build sales territories and account segmentation
Score and tier target accounts and built your target account list
Set your team up for success across your existing marketing and sales tools and platforms

Optimize your enterprise sales funnel

Intricately data insights fuel all stages of the sales and marketing funnel.
Prospecting and Market Identification
Identify the Best Accounts
Sales & Marketing Qualification
Improve Lead Quality
Sales Acceptance
Align Sales and Marketing
Sales Qualification
Leverage Targeted Messaging
Opportunity Creation
Create More Opportunities
Sr. Director of Demand Generation
"Intricately creates a level of visibility and transparency that makes it easier to define our targets and be more strategic in how and when we approach them with account-based marketing and sales."
VP of Sales at Fastly
“Our sales team is able to prospect more efficiently [with] insights like a company’s entire technology stack and how much they’re actually using and spending on cloud products.”
VP of Marketing
"For marketers in enterprise software, your target account list is what you live and die by. With Intricately, we’re confident our target account list is the right accounts that are most likely to buy."

See actionable cloud data in your enterprise workflow and sales systems

Intricately Enterprise sales data is easily actionable for your sales and marketing teams with our integrations.
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Understand The ROI Your Business Can Get from Intricately

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Accelerate your go-to-market strategy with cloud adoption, usage, and spend data you can't find anywhere else.
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