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How Fugue Uses Intricately To Generate Millions of Dollars in Pipeline And Accelerate Deal Velocity

How Intricately Delivers Revenue Opportunities at Fugue

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Challenge #1
Misdirected prospecting efforts, wasted time and poor conversion rates
Fugue previously relied on marketing to the Fortune 500, without understanding the true potential spend of these targets. This approach didn’t take advantage of insights on each prospects’ cloud spend and digital maturity. It turned
out, the Fortune 500 wasn’t their best fit, and Fugue’s sales reps were spending hours prospecting to unqualified leads.
Using Intricately data to build a data-driven Ideal Customer Profile and define their Total Addressable Market, leading to millions of dollars in new pipeline
Fugue used Intricately to eliminate blind spots for their go-to-market teams. With a new understanding of each prospect’s cloud usage and spend, Intricately helped Fugue discover that their true ICP included mid-size companies. With a new understanding of their ICP and a brand new target account list, Fugue increased their qualified leads by 200%.
“For marketers in enterprise software, your target account list is what you live and die by. With Intricately, we’re confident our target account list is the right accounts that are most likely to buy.”
Jared Elder
VP of Marketing, Fugue
Challenge #2
Struggled to capture the attention of their target buyers
Security solutions for cloud-based technology are often managed by engineers, not IT departments. And as Fugue shifted away from Fortune 500 targets toward mid-size accounts, their buyers were now busy engineers that were stretched thin and wearing multiple hats. Elder needed to reshape Fugue’s marketing messaging around the immediate value engineering teams could gain from Fugue’s security solution.
Using Intricately to craft personalized account-based marketing (ABM) and sales outreach to better capture their busy buyers' attention and accelerate pipeline
Rather than spending time on qualifying questions likely to be ignored by busy engineering teams, Fugue used Intricately cloud spend data to better understand their buyers’ needs before a single conversation. They also used the data to craft more relevant, tailored messaging, and more quickly convert their prospects. By segmenting leads based on cloud adoption and spend, Fugue was able to deploy tailored messaging in their account-based programs at scale, further accelerating their pipeline generation.

With Intricately, the Fugue team cut their lead-to-close time in half, generated higher close rates, and increased their pipeline by millions of dollars.

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Fugue’s cloud infrastructure security software puts engineers in charge of cloud security. Fugue identifies cloud infrastructure security risks and compliance violations and ensures that they are never repeated; and provides powerful visualization and reporting tools to easily demonstrate compliance. Customers like SparkPost, PBS, and SAP NS2 rely on Fugue to protect against cloud risks and enforce compliance.
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Our Global Sensor Network actively monitors the adoption, usage, and spend on 21,000 distinct cloud products and analyzes the digital infrastructure of more than seven million companies worldwide. Learn more here.

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